Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Should I stay or should I go?

10 1/2 hours and counting! We are very excited to be returning to Huruma Children's Home. Many people comment on safety and/or fear for us etc... so I wanted to give you our perspective on that. Last year when we were packing to leave Huruma, Jayna and I both knew for sure that we were to return in July 2009. That has not changed and has only grown stronger.

As Christians, we believe the Bible is God's inerrant word. In it, it teaches that God has life and death in His hands, that He knows the number of our days and that we can not hide from Him. So it really doesn't matter if we are in Phoenix, Salem Ohio or Ngong Hills Kenya, God knows where we are. That makes the decision very simple. The only question we have to answer is; has God called us to go? And the answer to that is simply yes.

Last year I got such a good picture of heaven when we were leaving. We loved the people so much and realized it was possible that we would never see them again (it is after all 10,000 miles away!). But I realized that any them that are followers of Jesus we are promised that we will be reunited in heaven. I always think of that when someone I know dies, but had never really applied it to those still alive. That even if I don't see them on earth again, I will meet up with them in heaven.

So take comfort in knowing that Jayna and I are believers in Jesus. And that one day, whenever our days are up, we will be present with The Lord in heaven, waiting for you to join us! If you are a believer we will see you soon by heaven's clock. If not, you can still join us. Jesus says that the person who just calls Him Lord will not enter heaven, but the one who truely believes He is Lord will enter heaven. It's again very simple, you must acknowledge you are a sinner (is there really any doubt about that?) and can not get to heaven on your own (can't do anything to earn God's grace), accept that Jesus God's perfect Son died in your place (that's what God required, perfect blood), and ask Him to be YOUR Savior.

It's so simple it's hard as American's to believe. But that is what the scriptures teach. If you are not sure, just ask Him to show you. He gets it.

We'll post again as soon as we can!
Mama Kathy

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  1. Amen sisters!!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!! Love you guys!!