Friday, July 10, 2009

Knitting Class

Huruma is a rather large compound, 6 acres of beautiful land! The view is quite stunning. The orphans have one of the best views in the world out of their second story library. I tell them American's value such a view, and they don't understand. Due to the size of Huruma, it's easy to be doing different things from everyone on the team. One of my personal favorites of course is hanging out in the beautifully painted dining hall (ha, if you recall, I helped to paint it last year) having knitting class.

The kids love learning, some already know how. I bring as much yarn and needles as I am able, then teach the kids. Many of them want to try it so they share. Then just like back home, some take to it and others don't. I had another team mate help me with this year, Katie.

I also brought an advanced project for the ones who were really good so they will be learning new techniques. I love spreading the craft and they love making something out of string! We ran out of needles and we still had some yarn so Katie helped them fashion needles out of broom twigs! Seriously! And that was for several boys, they wanted to learn so bad. One boy has been working hard and has made a beautiful scarf. I will get his photo and post it.

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  1. Awesome! I can bring more needles and yarn with me, if you need me to. :)