Sunday, June 28, 2009


Friday morning. I had my birthday party the night before and some people slept over. We woke up (early, might I add) and no one was home. I called Mom and it turns out our flights had been CANCELED. Great, right? So I waited for hours until she finally let me know that she and Lisa had re-booked our flights. So there's good news and bad news. Good news: we got our flights booked and will get to be with the kids longer! Bad news: this means we won't see Dad or Johnny for even LONGER... we'll be gone for 33 days now. So, I guess everything worked out. Should be fun getting to be with all the kids for a whole month though!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

200 Pounds

Well, we're getting ready! We still have 22 days until we are scheduled to take off for Kenya, but we've already started packing! We are pulling out our clothes and gifts we're taking. For some reason we just can't stop buying things for the kids! Everytime I see something pink I want to get it for Hannah! We probably should limit ourselves, though, since (between the two of us) we'll have about 200 pounds of luggage with us! We'll have four bags each, with a 50 pound limit for two of them, the other two being carry-ons. Luckily we won't have very far to carry them - just the Delta desk in Phoenix and the curb in Nairobi! The kids have been sending us a few letters, letting us know how they're doing and how excited everyone is for the team to come. :)