Thursday, July 2, 2009

Old Flames in Dubai

So. As I write this Mom and I are sitting in the Dubai airport. And we found a Starbucks. I got excited.... I need to not get my hopes up too soon. THEY DON'T HAVE PASSION TEA HERE!!!!! >:( so I settled for a mocha frappiccino... my old flame. :) Our flights are going pretty well so far, so that's always good. We had a 5 hour flight from Phoenix to New York, then 12 hours from New York to Dubai - where we are right now. Our flight leaves in about an hour, and that's another 5 hour flight. Should be fun. I have been up since 10 AM on Wednesday morning and it is now 9:20 AM on Friday in Dubai. I have gotten about a total of 6 hours of sleep... maybe. But the excitement of seeing all the kids in just hours is keeping me awake. :) that's really all that's going on in our lives right now... nothing too exciting ;). Keep praying and we hope to hear from all of you soon!!

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