Monday, July 20, 2009

The Kenyan Hat Lady

Mama Kathy: "Granny Crackers" (Dave's Mom) sent many hats for us to bring to Mama Zipporah. Mama loves hats almost as much as Granny does and she has been so blessed by the hats from her. She has worn one of her hats EVERYDAY since we have arrived. I am just sad that there were many beautiful ones that we could not bring in our suitcases as they would just be crushed.
She has especially loved the Christian Dior hat that we brought. It probably has some value to it, it still has the original tags with the serial number of the hat inside. Mama got MANY compliments on it when she wore it to an important meeting last week.

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  1. How very sweet :0 Thanks for sharing that story Kathy!!