Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spiders in the Night

Hey guys! Sorry we haven't written in a while. But boy do I have a story for you!! So just about ten minutes ago my roommates Heather and Amy were watching The Notebook and I was on facebook. I'm sitting up in my bed and look high up on the wall and see a HUGE spider just sitting up there. Almost everyone else was asleep, so I held in a scream by gasping loudly... and choking on that gasp. They were both like, "What? What?" So I pointed, too scared to talk and then we're all like, "OH MY GOSH!!! KILL IT! WHAT DO WE DO? I CAN'T DO IT! CAN YOU DO IT? NO!! I CAN'T REACH THAT! I HATE SPIDERS!" It was pretty histerical. They both gave it a try, but decided there was no point in trying when it started to crawl. So we knew Greer was still awake and they went to get her so we could kill it. Greer comes in and goes, "Oh, wow. That is pretty big." So she almost did it, but she got scared too. Alissa walked by our door and saw in then silent-screamed and ran back to her room. Then Heather and Amy went to get Micha since we know he loves torturing bugs. While they were gone, Greer and I watched it run to the other side of the wall, then it started running DOWN... TOWARD THE FLOOR! We were both screaming, somewhat quietly. And she's standing there going, "Shut up, Jayna! Shut up, shut up! Shut up!" That was classic. Then the other girls came back with Travis who says, "Oh, come on guys. That's just a wolf spider." But when he tried hitting it it ran up and SO, SO, SO, SO, SO fast across the wall. Thank God, he got it. But it was pretty epic watching that thing!

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